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2010-03-26 17:18:17
Resistance? Pfftth...Who needs it?

The longer I live, the more I am absolutely convinced that very few good things in life come without struggle; oftentimes lots of struggle.

Baby chickI am reminded of when I was a kid growing up on a ranch in Wyoming.  We were raising chickens and I was so excited when the chicks began to hatch.  I eagerly anticipated as one began pecking through the shell.  My dad had taught me to never try to 'help' the chick get out of the egg... but after what seemed like forever, it appeared that the chick was having such a hard time and may never get out, ...and I really wanted that chick out of the egg so I could hold the fluffy little guy.  So I reached down and tried to help speed up the process by breaking open the eggshell just a little.  What transpired after that was one of life's great lessons.  First of all I learned that Dads usually know what they are talking about and it would've been wise for a little 7 or 8 year-old to listen and follow Dad's counsel - even when I didn't understand the reasons behind it.  And secondly; resistance, trials and adversity were and are as important to our growth and development in life as the air we breathe.

As I'm sure you already guessed; due to the lack of resistance caused by my opening of the eggshell, the poor baby chick's muscles never developed properly and the stamina and fortitude that the chick needed to make it on its own were never gained.  Sadly, the weak baby chick died soon thereafter.  ...A hard lesson for a little guy like me to learn.

The past several months, as Uncle Sam has tried to breathe life into a struggling economy through various tax credits and bailouts, I've been guilty a time or two of feeling entitled and wondering, 'Where's my bail-out...When is someone going to step in and save me?' ...Maybe I'm not the only one who has felt that way.

Thank goodness, however, for memories of lessons learned long ago. 

When we're feeling like an exhausted chick that just can't seem to push through the barrier, we have to keep pecking at that shell.  If we're tired, we rest a bit, then as quickly as we can, we get back at it, but most importantly -- we never quit!  Then before long that hard shell crumbles like the Berlin Wall and we emerge strong and vibrant, ready to take on the next challenge! 

                                                   --Happy pecking!

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